Case Study – State of the Art Vet Clinic and Hospital Built Using Modular Construction

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It’s a common misconception that modular construction is best suited to holiday or tourist park cabins.

However, this form of construction is also perfect for residential homes, granny cabins, villas in lifestyle villages, worker accommodation, duplexes, and bed & breakfasts.

Modular construction can even be the answer to unique and complicated project requirements…such as a full size, custom designed Veterinary clinic and hospital!

In this case study, we take a look at how the expert team at Asset Cabins and Homes planned, coordinated, constructed and assembled a state of the art Vet clinic and hospital for a very happy client.


Background to the Project


Dr Lauren Archer was busy running a successful mobile Veterinarian clinic, treating animals both large and small, but was starting to run out of space and capacity. She wanted to construct a more permanent clinic and hospital on land in Brunswick Heads in Northern New South Wales. However, local council zoning restrictions stipulated that any buildings on the land have to be “demountable” and not built using conventional “on-site” construction.   

The Archer family have teamed up with Asset Cabins and Homes for modular construction projects in Queensland in the past, and this got Dr Archer thinking about how a modular build could solve her dilemma. A modular clinic would be permitted on her land in Brunswick Heads by the council as modular buildings are pre-fabricated off-site and therefore considered to be “demountable”.

Modular construction also appealed to Dr Archer as it is much quicker than conventional construction with minimal on-site disruption. Additionally, a modular clinic would allow for extra treatment rooms and facilities to be added on at a later date with relative ease.  

Dr Archer came to Asset Cabins and Homes with a basic concept for a layout for her new custom clinic and hospital. This concept was given to an architect to create architectural drawings. The Asset team then finalised and constructed the individual modules required to build her clinic as per the drawings from the architect.   


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A Multi-Faceted Scope


Dr Archer wanted her new clinic and hospital to look clean, tidy and beautifully crafted in order to convey the high standard of care and professionalism she delivers in her practice.

Designing and constructing the clinic was a challenging (and highly rewarding!) project as there were so many unique factors to consider which would not normally be required in a typical modular cabin or home build.

Working with Dr Archer, the Asset team incorporated the following elements into the design of her custom clinic:    

  1. An animal friendly reception area and waiting rooms with special electronic push button doors. These doors feature sensors to detect if an animal is lingering in the doorway so they won’t close automatically
  2. Examination rooms
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Surgery
  5. Laundry  
  6. Laboratory
  7. Isolation room
  8. Lead lined radiology room
  9. Dog and cat kennel areas

Dr Archer also needed the clinic and hospital to be PWD (People with Disabilities) compliant so that clients in wheelchairs or who have disabilities could access the clinic with their animals. This was achieved with the inclusion of ramps and wide doorways in the floor plans.

The roof height as designed by the architect, meant that part of the building was over-height for normal modular building transportation. The Asset team utilised innovative ways to achieve this without compromising the structural integrity and engineering of the fully welded steel chassis and integrated lifting system.


The Finished Product!  


As they say…a picture is worth a thousand words...


Brunswick Heads Vet Modular Construction Surgery_IMG-1

Brunswick Heads Vet Modular Construction Office_IMG-1

Brunswick Heads Vet Modular Construction Xray Room_IMG-1

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The final design for the clinic required the construction of 7 separate modules, which took 7 trucks with airbag suspension to deliver.

Once all 7 modules were assembled together, the clinic measured over 200 square metres.

North Coast Veterinary Services clinic and hospital is now open for business, treating animals both small and large. 

Asset Cabins & Homes were thrilled to be awarded the contract for this exciting project. A big thank you to Dr Lauren Archer and the Archer family.


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