How you will earn a higher return with duplex modular construction

Tourist and caravan park operators all over Australia are discovering the benefits of modular construction when it comes to replacing existing cabins and villas for their guests.

As we all know, time is money. This is never more true when it relates to investment return.

One of the main advantages of modular construction is the decreased “dead-time” compared to on-site builds. This is doubly true for building modular duplexes.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how you will set yourself up to enjoy a faster and higher return by replacing a single dwelling cabin or villa with a modular duplex.

Modular Construction Duplex at a Tourist Park

Single Dwelling vs Duplex

Why take one guest booking when you could maximise your available space and take two bookings at the same time?

A duplex cabin or villa presents an obvious opportunity to earn a higher return from your main asset – your land.

Maintenance, cleaning and running costs will only be slightly increased compared to a single dwelling. However, the ROI on a duplex will be significantly higher for less land used.

A duplex can feature clever designs which make the most of the available space.

As an example, duplex cabin or villas don’t just have to be built side-by-side, they can be built end-to-end. This means less shared wall space, allowing for a better experience for your guests.

End-to-end duplexes may also allow for better views of the surrounding natural beauty, such as lakes or mountains, depending on how a block of land is situated.

Modular Construction Kills Dead-Time

Loss of income when replacing an existing single dwelling cabin or villa is of course a major concern for operators.

Traditional on-site construction is highly time consuming. Each day you can’t rent out your accommodation represents a loss of income.

The good news is that dead-time is significantly reduced with modular construction. The benefits of having limited dead-time is compounded by choosing to construct duplexes. 

As the following graph shows, the dead-time of replacing an existing single dwelling with a new modular duplex is around 1 month.

Knock down an existing single dwelling and rebuild duplexes the conventional way


Knock down existing single dwelling and rebuild duplexes the conventional way

Knock down an existing single dwelling and rebuild modular duplexes

Knock down existing single dwelling and rebuild modular duplexes

*Sample rent only. **Sample rent only. Increased rent because of improved property value. All comparisons in no way guarantee actual results

In the example shown, a modular duplex would result in an extra $11,040 in income over 12 months.

It certainly makes good business sense for your existing single dwelling to continue to earn an income for you while the construction phase commences in a modular factory.

Ultimately, modular duplexes allow you to maximise your profits for minimal land use whilst also providing your guests modern and comfortable accommodation.

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