Build your dream home in 2020 with the $25K HomeBuilder grant

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The Australian government recently announced a new 'HomeBuilder' stimulus package to help the economy bounce back from the coronavirus outbreak.

HomeBuilder consists of a one-off $25,000 grant for owner occupiers who are ready to build a new home in 2020.

If you are eligible to receive the Queensland government’s existing $15,000 First Home Owner’s Grant, you will also receive the HomeBuilder grant on top of this. And if you qualify for the Queensland Regional Home Building Boost Grant, you'll get another $5,000.

All of these grants combined can make for an incredible $45,000 to put towards your new home build if you are eligible!

Wondering if you can qualify for HomeBuilder? We have outlined the details for you below.

Eligible Building Work

The incentive will be available to eligible owner occupiers for contracts entered into between 4 June and 31 December 2020.

Building work must commence within 3 months of the contract being signed.

The maximum value of an eligible new home building contract is $750,000, including the land.

Eligible Owner Occupiers

Eligible owner occupiers must meet the income thresholds of $125,000 for singles and $200,000 for couples based on their latest assessable income.

Eligible owner occupiers must also meet the requirements of the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme that apply to Australian citizens and age:

• At least 18 years old;
• Australian citizen;
• Individuals, not a company or trust.

Owner builders will not be eligible for the incentive.


How will the grant be administered? 

The grant will be administered by each State & Territory revenue office. The grant will be paid directly to the owner occupier by the office of revenue after the first progress payment.

The grant will complement the existing first home owner grant programs in each state and territory, along with any stamp duty concessions and other grant schemes that are made available to home owners. The grant will also be available to anyone accessing the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme for a new home.

More information is available from the Treasury Coronavirus Economic Response website.

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