What is the process for building modular cabins for tourist parks?

Modern modular cabin designs

Building new modular cabins or replacing existing accommodation may initially seem like a lengthy process for tourist and caravan park operators.

However, the process is actually very streamlined and can take a lot less time than you may think.

In this blog, the experts at Asset Cabins and Homes outline the steps involved in constructing modular cabins for guest accommodation.

Depending on specific circumstances, these steps may vary. Some parks may require our assistance with certain parts of the process, such as securing finance or development approval, while others may not.

In any case, the following can be used as a guide for how the process will unfold from start to finish.

Step 1 - Feasibility Study

First things first. A feasibility study should be put together to determine whether or not it will be practical and profitable to build new modular cabins or replace existing accommodation.

This study can be put together by a professional consultant. Alternatively, you could rely on your own experience and knowledge of your park to put together some findings. For example, you may want to create a log of missed booking opportunities to gauge how many additional cabins you could benefit from.  

Step 2 - Site Visit

Once a feasibility study has been completed, a site visit at your park is usually arranged with one of our design consultants. 

During this visit, design options will be discussed in order to determine how to make the best use of your biggest asset – your land.

Our design consultant will be able to discuss ideas on how to enhance the accommodation experience of your guests as well as the latest trends for modular tourist park cabins. For example, this could include creating a new image at the front of your park with new cabins. Or perhaps theming a section of your park around a pool area or waterfront views. 

The potential for design customisation will also be discussed, depending on your needs and the specifics of your park.

Is modular construction right for me?

Step 3 - Finance Approval

The next step is to put together a business plan for the bank. This may include suggestions from relevant industry bodies. For example, four cabins will earn a greater ROI, reduce management costs per cabin and increase occupancy, rather than starting with one cabin as a trial.

We can assist with providing budget estimates and other details about the build project to help present the case to secure initial finance approval.

Step 4 - Development Approval

An application for Development Approval (DA) may need to be made with your Local Council. However, you may already have a DA or Town Planning Consent in place for the number of cabins being proposed, in which case you are already a step ahead.

Your DA may include requirements such as landscaping, car parking, roadways, amenities and the number of disabled facilities etc.

Depending on your Local Council, floor plans and a site plan would normally suffice for securing DA. Our team can assist during this process where needed by providing advice and documentation.

Step 5 - Design & Detail Finalisation

In this stage, we will work with you to confirm the final designs of your modular cabins in accordance with the conditions of your DA. For example - allowable occupants per cabin.

Any changes to specifications and/or inclusions are finalised at this stage. These items can include deck sizes, orientation for best environmental benefits and level of finish etc.

Also discussed will be specifics around the project timeframe, convenient install dates to suit your busy seasons, services connections, project install planning and commercials.

Modern interior design of a modular cabin

Step 6 - Contract on the Build

Now it’s time to sign on the dotted line. A detailed Project Design Specification will be drawn up which forms the contract for the project. Once this is completed, you are ready to roll!

Step 7 - Building Approval

Even though DA has already been obtained at this stage, Building Approval is required from an independent certifier, or less commonly, your Local Council. If you don’t have a certifier in your region that you work with, we can facilitate this on your behalf. 

The certifier, or the Local Council, will confirm that relevant building codes are being met. The approval is needed on the build plans before work can get started. However, we can move straight to construction in some instances.

As part of this process, plumbing approval needs to be granted from your Local Council as well and we generally use the same certifier for this part of the process. You may need to consider extra plumbing requirements at your park. For example – an additional treatment plant area could be needed.

Generally speaking, securing Building Approval is straightforward as DA has already been granted. We use a certifier on a regular basis to help remove the frustration you may experience from dealing with your Local Council directly.

Also, as a modular construction company, we already hold relevant certifications for our products, such as for non-slip decking, engineering, waterproofing and insulation. This streamlines things considerably, and means that the certifier or Local Council can sign off on the final building certificate efficiently once the project is complete. This documentation is critical and adds value to your property should you decide to sell your property in the future.

Step 8 - Colour Selection and Electrical Plan Finalisation

The final details for your modular cabins can now be fleshed out. This includes deciding on paint colours, service connection locations and the placement of lights, fans and power points.

Deciding on electrical placement is particularly important to ensure that power can be easily connected when the cabin is actually installed.

Guest experience will also be taken into account. For example, ensuring there are conveniently placed power points and USB charging ports in bedrooms and kitchens where required.

Step 9 - Factory Construction

We can now swing into full production mode on your new modular cabins!

Construction takes place in our factory over a period of approximately 6 – 8 weeks. However, in cases where multiple cabins are purchased together, our advanced production system creates savings in time. This in turn creates efficiencies and cost savings that are passed directly on to you.

You as the purchaser are dealing directly with the manufacturer and are therefore welcome to inspect your project in our factory at any stage. 

Modular Cabins being constructed in factory

Step 10 - Installation

Once the modules are completed, they are transported and installed at your park over a period of approximately 1 week, depending on the size and complexity of the onsite work.

Installation is usually very quick. Services, such as water and power, can already have been set up and made ready for connection. 

Step 11 - Finishing Touches

Some elements of your project, such as driveways, new internal roads and carport slabs are best arranged after installation, in order to maintain access and prevent cranes and trucks impacting your new infrastructure.

Landscaping and the installation of furniture are usually the final steps. These finishing touches can be taken care of on your end or by our team.

Step 12 - Completion

Now you have brand new, comfortable and modern accommodation for your guests to enjoy!

Want to learn more about building modular cabins for your tourist or caravan park?

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